We are now hiring students, interns, models, actors and entertainers. All applicants will be carefully considered for the positions opening up at our organization, however, not all will be hired. Accordingly, please take a moment to carefully review what we need and fill out the short form below.

Our company is looking for fun, energetic, leaders that love to go out and party! These team leaders, lead their flock to really good parties where they dance, have a great time and are surrounded by hot, fun, beautiful people. Not only are they beautiful, inside and out, sophisticated and educated, but they are also very popular and are always surrounded by many friends. These people, once hired, get in for FREE, drink for FREE, are treated like VIPs and get paid to go out, drink, dance and hang out with friends! Sounds awesome? It truly is the best job this big city can offer you. Welcome to New York City, let’s get the party started!

Please fill out the form below, send us two pictures and let’s bring you on board at our next hot party. First you’ll come out as our VIP guest at some of our hottest events one week, then we’ll bring you on board the following week or so, if we feel you’re a good fit. Worst case scenario – you spend a few days going out and having a wildly fun time partying in New York City… Eventually we may even offer you similar opportunities in Miami, Vegas and other markets.

Good luck!

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