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Party Host

Hosting Parties at top-tier venues nightly.


Partying with celebrities, executives and the social elite.


Actors, models and all other fantastic and exciting people party with us and progress with us.

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Sammy Adari

Focused on peak results and multiple projects in the next decade. Will target three areas professionally and three areas personally.

Becoming a top-rated, highly sought after media publisher will be my paramount focus, in regards to all of my pursuits, for both clients and I.

Professionally I will be focused on building a domestic and global entertainment empire, a top-rated hedge fund, and a life coaching practice that is second to none. My entertainment empire will involve building an awesome team of amazing people that will help private and corporate clients host events, parties and be entertained in ways that show diligent care and high regard in satisfying all their needs. My hedge fund will be based on all my years of experience, and will involve careful study of current market conditions and personality (yes markets behave differently in different environments and group mass psychology and algorithms, in my opinion, can be considered a type of personality) in an attempt to maximize gains in pragmatic and risk-adjusted ways. Finally, but not of lower importance, I plan on seeing life coaching clients privately, and in group settings. Our focus will be driven by results and the actualization of peak states in every way, no matter what they have experienced, are experiencing or will experience.

Personally I will focus on progressing each day academically, physically and spiritually. Academically I plan on diligent study of people and organizations, and I look to complete a Master's degree at a minimum. Physically I plan on working hard to stay in shape and maintain peak physical health and form. Spiritually I plan on learning from the successes and failures of others and I (past, present and future) and searching out God and life's meaning.

Life Coaching 100%
Socialite 98%
Trading 97%

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